GPO name is not updated in deviceTRUST policy when copying a GPO within group policy editor

The name of the GPO is saved into the deviceTRUST configuration at the time our console saves to the GPO. If you copy a GPO that contains deviceTRUST policy within a group policy editor, then the previous policy name is still persisted.

This is a common scenario when migrating a deviceTRUST policy from test to production.

The example below demonstrates a GPO that has been copied but contains the original policy name

Prod Copied

If you have copied a policy within a group policy editor, such as GPMC, that contains deviceTRUST policy the name can be updated in the copied GPO using the steps below.

  • Open deviceTRUST Console
  • In the Open Policy dialogue select 'Open Group Policy'
  • In the GPO browser windows select the GPO that was copied
  • This will open the copied policy in the deviceTRUST Console
  • In the deviceTRUST Console click the down arrow next to the save icon in the top right corner and select 'Save As'
  • In the 'Save As' Policy dialogue select 'Save Group Policy'
  • Browse and select the policy that was copied
  • Click OK to update the policy

If you check the 'Settings' of the copied GPO it should contain the updated name. 

The name set in the policy settings has been updated to reflect the name of the GPO

Prod saved