Enabling DCV extensions on Amazon WorkSpaces WSP

Details the steps necessary to enable DCV extensions on Amazon WorkSpaces WSP environments.

The deviceTRUST Agent uses a DCV extension to communicate with the deviceTRUST Client Extension within a Nice DCV environment. Amazon WorkSpaces with the WSP protocol is built on the same Nice DCV technology, but requires DCV extensions to be enabled for this to work.

Installing the Administrative Templates

To enable the DCV extensions, you must first copy the ADMX/ADML administrative templates from the Amazon WorkSpaces instance to the machine used to configure policy for the Amazon WorkSpaces environment.

If your tools use local policy definitions, such as if you are using the Local Group Policy Editor, or using Group Policy Management Tools not configured for a Central Store, then the following files need to be copied from the Amazon WorkSpaces environment to the local file system:

  • Copy C:\Program Files\Amazon\WSP\wsp.admx to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\wsp.admx
  • Copy C:\Program Files\Amazon\WSP\wsp.adml to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US\wsp.adml

If however you are using a Central Store, then the following files need to be copied to the Central Store:

  • Copy C:\Program Files\Amazon\WSP\wsp.admx to \\<forest.root>\SysVol<forest.root>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\wsp.admx
  • Copy C:\Program Files\Amazon\WSP\wsp.adml to \\<forest.root>\SysVol<forest.root>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-US\wsp.adml

Configuring DCV Extensions

Within the policy editor of your choice, navigate to Administrative Templates -> Amazon -> WSP and enable the Configure extensions setting:

The Configure extensions setting must be set to Server and Client to ensure that both the server and client DCV extensions can be loaded.

Additional Requirements

Ensure that your Amazon WorkSpaces instances are configured as follows:

  • Using the WSP protocol.
  • Have a WSP application installed versioned or greater.
  • Have a licensed deviceTRUST Agent version 23.1.100 or greater.

Your end users must:

  • Have a Amazon WorkSpaces Client versioned or greater.
  • Have a deviceTRUST Client Extension version 23.1.100 or greater.