Updating the deviceTRUST Client Extension in IGEL OS

It may be necessary to update the deviceTRUST Client Extension version built into the IGEL operating system. This article demonstrates how this can be achieved using the UMS server.

Applies to: IGEL OS 11.08.200 and earlier


Client Extension files can be supplied on request. Please contact support@devicetrust.com


Azure Virtual Desktop

In IGEL OS 11.08.110 and earlier Azure Virtual Desktop connections are incompatible with RDP. In its default configuration Remote Desktop connections will work, Azure Virtual Desktop will fail to connect to a remote session with deviceTRUST enabled.

To resolve this the deviceTRUST Client Extension requires updating on the remote IGEL device.


In the UMS Console add a New File

Browse and select the libdtclient_avd_legacy.so file supplied by deviceTRUST Support

With the file selected configure the options below:

  • Device file location /services/avd/lib/libdeviceTRUST-client.so
  • Access Rights for 'Others' to Read & Execute
  • Set Owner as root

Click OK


Now that the file has been added to the UMS Server, select the file and drag it to the folder that contains the IGEL devices you wish to update. This will assign the file to the remote endpoint. 


The File Copy setting will be persisted for your IGEL devices and the updated deviceTRUST Client Extension will be copied to the relevant directory.

Azure Virtual Desktop should now successfully connect to remote sessions


The deviceTRUST Client Extension is enabled for Azure Virtual Desktop via the IGEL OS registry in the following location:

System > Registry sessions > wvd0 > plugins >deviceTRUST


NOTE: With the above configuration set Remote Desktop connections will no longer work. Should you require RDP then remove the settings above.


VMware Horizon View


In IGEL OS 11.08.200 and earlier the deviceTRUST Client Extension is not natively integrated with VMware Horizon View. The IGEL OS requires updating for VMware Horizon View connections to function with deviceTRUST.


As above add a New File to the UMS Server.

Browse and select the libdtclient_rdp_pcoip.so file supplied by deviceTRUST Support.

With the file selected configure the options below:

  • Device file location /usr/lib/vmware/rdpvcbridge/libdeviceTRUST-client.so
  • Access Rights for 'Others' to Read & Execute
  • Set Owner as root

Assign the file to the folder containing the IGEL devices you wish to update to deploy the Client Extension to the IGEL devices.


With the Client Extension applied for Horizon View deviceTRUST will be loaded and REMOTE deviceTRUST properties will be present in the user session.


NOTE: Native IGEL OS integration for VMware Horizon View is coming soon. Please refer to our Supported Technologies page for more information.